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Owner of Screamin' Eve and Adam Too, Laurie has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. Her love for empowering women started in her early 20's when she volunteered at the Crisis Center, now known as DVSAS. This passion drew her to the beauty industry. From skincare education to wedding make up, as well as waxing for smooth skin, Laurie enjoys helping her clients feel their best.

Owning a business for 10 year has given her a unique opportunity to help her estheticians become successful in their trade and in life. She believes that when her estheticians are successful her business will continue to flourish. This desire to empower her employees in work and in life fills her cup.

Laurie has been waxing for over 10 years. She has been trained by the leading Brazilian and Manzilian experts and has found a technique that is efficient and gentle. She also had the fortunate opportunity to train with Anastasia's team of exports in brow sculpting. Anastasia is known in Hollywood as the brow diva for the stars.

While her professional life keeps her busy, she always has time for her 4 amazing kids, son-in-law, daughter-in-law and her loving husband of 28 years. As a mom she has tried to remind herself that she is raising the next generation of leaders. You can only become a successful leader by being a humble servant.

Her kids favorite mom quotes are 'If you don't ask the answer is always no' and 'I love you more'.


Meet Molly!! She joins us after a recent move from Colorado, where she was born and raised. She comes to us with 4+ year of waxing experience and specializes in some of our favorites: Brazilians, Lash and Brow tinting, and the ever popular Lash Lift. She loves enjoying time outdoors, drawing and spending time with her dog.

3 Questions we asked Molly.
Q1. One thing on your bucket list?
Answer: To dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Q2. If you could invite one person to a dinner party (dead/alive) who would it be?
Answer: Sir David Attenborough

Q3. The best life advice you ever received.
Answer: Be here now. We worry so much about the past, which is now just a memory or worry about the future, which is just the imagination when we should just focus on the present and where we are at in life in that moment.

You can catch Molly at the Bellingham studio Wednesday through Saturday.


Cera has been on the Screamin' Eve team for over a year. She loves waxing, tinting and lash lifts!! She is so easy going; you will hardly pay attention while getting waxed. Her attention to detail will leave you smooth and hair free.

Cera is also a new Mama. Baby Oakley was born in early May. With all the busyness in life, Screamin' Eve can always slow down for Oakleys' snuggles, smiles, and giggles. In her spare time...who are we kidding, she doesn't have any.


Meet Penina, she joined our team this spring and has been killin' the game ever since! She is a Bellingham native and graduated from Evergreen Beauty College in Everett. She loves lash lifting, tinting and waxing, while learning all new tips and tricks from the Screamin' Eve team! Her welcoming energy will put you at ease immediately.

In her free time, she loves to soak up the sunshine with her sweet dog, Rebel, and enjoy the sites of Bellingham.

We are so excited to have her as part of our team!

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