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Customer Reviews
I've been getting waxed by Bekah for the last 6 months and I could not be happier with her work! She's efficient, thorough, and makes this rather painful procedure easier to bare (no pun intended!). She explained the hair growth cycle and after care so I got awesome results! She is super friendly and kind of cheers you on through the process! It doesn't hurt that she's also a wonderful person to be around. I trust Bekah's experience and recommend her 100%!
~~ Shelby R. (Bellingham, WA)

Great waxing studio! The girls are so sweet, professional, and fast. I've never had a bad experience here. I highly recommend Mallory! She's great at her job and will make you feel comfortable and gives a nice smooth wax with minimal pain. Mallory is the only one who I'll book for a Brazilian!
~~ Taylor P. (Deming, WA)

I found this waxing studio on yelp and decided to give it a try based on the reviews. I had a great experience. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and need a customized bikini wax. Laurie Steele help me. She was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. The studio is bright, clean, and the rooms are very private. They use a hard wax, which I had no experience with, but I really liked it. Will definitely be back.
~~ Paula W. (Albuquerque, NM)

Jesslyn is amazing at what she does!!!! I been going to her for my Brazilian for the past 8 months and I always never have a doubt. She always makes sure the waxing temperature is ok. She's is super professional. The salon is very clean and has a comfortable feeling. I will be keep continuing to see her!
~~ Angela R. (Bellingham, WA)

Amazing! I had high expectations when I called Screamin' Eve, as their Yelp reviews are pretty awesome-- I can honestly say that I was blown away. After calling the salon and speaking with Laurie herself, I was fit in straight away. The space itself is adorable-- imagine finding yourself in a Tiffany's box with just the right amount of flash.
   Now-- the nitty gritty: I've never had a better waxing experience (and believe me, I've had a few). I previously drove over an hour south to a salon in Bothell, as I was convinced that no one could top the experience I had there. Let me tell you-- Screamin' Eve is all that and more.
   I'm still not sure how Laurie managed to do it, but the entire process was as close to painless as it could possibly have been. It was honestly like magic. Laurie herself is absolutely lovely, is obviously very good at what she does and even ran across the road to put time on my meter whilst I was still prone on the treatment table.
   You need to book your next appointment here-- I already have.
~~ Arianne R. (Bellingham, WA)

Ah, my first bikini wax -- what can I say, I'm a late bloomer.I selected Screamin' Eve for their name, intuiting that anybody that clever, ironic, cool and sister power-y would be better to hang around with in an awkward situation, than not. I was right. I'm not sure you exactly have to like your bikini waxer, but it helps. Because that part about the screaming? That now makes sense to me. That said, they minimized any discomfort as much as is humanly possible. These women are skilled, competent, efficient, and manage to be tactful while maintaining their sense of humor. Groovy woman power thing going on here, in a modern, urban-y kind of way. I have no other bikini wax experience to compare it to, and so it shall be. Why? Because I will be going back to these guys. I trust them, I feel good about supporting their business, and boy, am I ever squeaky clean.
~~ Basha K. (Gold Bar, WA)

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